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Get Cost-Competitive Manufacturing

You want cost-competitive manufacturing, but are you losing out when it comes to quality, reliability and service because the lowest price, wasn’t the best price? CEL Group explores the importance of ‘true value’ when it comes to successful outsourcing. So you can achieve more manufacturing competitive advantage in 2024.

Welcoming Supply Partners in China to our UK HQ

We help UK OEMs compete. We offer more than just competitive pricing.

UK OEMs need manufacturing partners which deliver on quality, on-time and delivery responsibly.

China is open for travel and it was great to welcome Katrina, a long-term trusted partner to see our new assembly and warehouse facility and talk about engineering excellence for continuous improvement.

Find out why our clients and our partners choose to work with CEL Group…

Merry Christmas to Our Customers and Partners

Thank to all our customers and partners for your support this year. We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you grow and compete in 2023.

We will be closed from 23rd December 2022 to 3rd January 2023!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Superstars For Your Engineering and Quality

Manufacturing is an exciting but tough industry. Yesterday’s UK budget announcement by Jeremy Hunt looks set to make life even harder for UK OEMs. However, CEL Group can help you be more resilient like Traoré we value skill and continuous improvement. We deliver manufacturing competitive advantage for UK OEMs. Find out how …