12th Dec '23

Engineering Subcontract Manufacturing Benefits

CEL Group’s new engineering subcontract manufacturing brochure explains how we can help you compete more effectively in 2024.  

Want to add new products quickly and/or cut costs?

CEL Group gives you …

  • Competitive pricing
  • Manufacturing capability
  • Capacity and UK stockholding
  • UK assembly
  • Quality and standards
  • Sustainable manufacturing and much more

You can rely on our 21 years proven subcontract manufacturing experience in China and the UK.

We’ll keep investing in  gaining a deep understanding of your business goals, as well as your products. We grow with you. So, you can rely on our long-term partnership that keeps adding value to your business.

Make 2024 different (in a good way). Start the next chapter of your success story with CEL Group.

Request your BIG 10 benefits brochure!