Plastic Injection Moulding Product Manufacturers
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Injection Moulding Product Manufacturers In China

CEL Group manufactures injection moulding. We offer expertise across a wide variety of plastics and applications.

Plastic Injection Moulding Product Manufacturers

Our injection moulding expertise in China meets the growing demand for polymer-based components within many of the products we manufacture and assemble.

To optimise the pricing benefits, when sourcing injection moulded components from China, we can manufacture quality products in larger quantities. You can then take advantage of our stock holding service in our UK warehouse which allows you to access your stock locally, to meet your schedule needs.

Talk to us if you are looking for low cost injection mouldings. CEL Group’s facilities in China manufacture quality products – from polycarbonate or nylon, to glass-filled polymer products.

Your Products. Our Experience.

CEL Group Injection Moulding products are manufactured to meet your design specification and supply requirements. And our engineers will ensure they comply to all your specified quality standards.

Plastic Injection Moulding Product Manufacturers

Looking to sub-contract manufacture your plastic injection moulding work with complete confidence?