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Sub-Contract Manufacturing In China & the UK

Looking for quality sub-contract manufacturing? We are a UK-based supply chain partner with manufacturing facilities in China, as well as UK-based assembly. So, it’s easy for UK OEMs to access reliable low cost manufacturing, with lots more competitive benefits.

Benefit from extensive manufacturing capabilities in China. Our production experience, supply chain knowledge and quality control mean you can outsource manufacturing to China with complete confidence. No more quality issues or intellectual property risks. Just cost-effective, reliable manufacturing and supply which is helping many leading OEMs compete and grow in the UK and Internationally.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Our experienced engineers manufacture individual components, sub-assemble products (including electro-mechanical assembly). As well as manufacturing fully assembled quality products and full box builds. So you get the products you need, to your specification.

All products are manufactured at our managed facilities in Ningbo or Shenzhen, or through our long-term audited partners, with quality and supply logistics assured via our proven stock management process and quality procedures.

Extensive capabilities in low-cost manufacturing include sheet metal fabrication, precision sheet metal work, metal stamping CNC machining and turned parts, laser cutting, tube forming and tube manipulation and tube fabrication, welding, plastic injection moulding, die casting, sand casting and investment casting.

You can also enjoy the added benefits of finishing expertise in metal dressing, powder coating and wet spraying; or screen printing and pad printing.

Low cost manufacturing

Manufacturing in China

We manufacture components or fully assembled products at CEL Ningbo and CEL Shenzhen. Taking advantage of our manufacturing facilities in China is a great way to lower manufacturing costs and release your skilled staff to focus on other business-critical work.

We know that managing quality, logistics and delivery against a backdrop of cultural, economic and language differences can absorb a disproportionate amount of your valuable time. Why introduce that level of risk to your supply chain?

Choosing a supply chain partnership with CEL Group gives you access to our extensive manufacturing capability in China. We have engineers working for you, in the UK and China, to deliver products to your specifications. We know our approach works because we have been successfully sourcing manufactured products from China since 2003. Our proven supply chain management process and quality standards, as well as our manufacturing facilities in China, ensure your products are delivered on time and to the quality and design specified and approved.

Low cost manufacturing

Choosing the right supply chain partner gives you the confidence to outsource, easily.

Low cost manufacturing

The Right Price

Competitive pricing is key when you are sourcing products from China.

If you focus on the lowest unit price, you may be disappointed with quality and supply issues. Plus, you might discover ‘hidden’ logistics costs impacting the true value of your deal.

CEL Group provide cost competitive pricing which offers low-cost manufacturing. And, with our manufacturing facilities in China, we can do this without compromising product quality or reliable delivery. Our flexible service levels ensure you get the right price for the supply chain support your business needs.

If you are already operating in China and have experienced logistics management in place, you can choose to opt for our ‘Gateway’ service.

However, if you want the assurance of a fully-managed supply chain solution with valuable extras (such as shipping, UK transport, UK warehousing and UK stockholding), then look at our ‘Complete’ and ‘Advanced’ service options.

Shipping and Logistics

CEL Group offers a complete shipping and logistics management supply chain service.

Our friendly, experienced staff keep you informed every step of the way. Whether you have chosen sea freight, air freight, direct shipment, collection or scheduled stock deliveries from our UK warehouse, we manage the supply chain for you.

Your products are tested (as required), quality checked and carefully packaged for the utmost protection. Then everything is shipped to meet your approved production schedules.

We have the flexibility to send part or mixed containers, so that you don’t ever have to wait.

Our full-managed service choices incorporate all logistics management and shipping and import costs within the agreed price. This makes sub-contract manufacturing in China as easy for you as possible.

Low cost manufacturing

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