Healthcare & Medical Equipment Manufacturer in China
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Healthcare and medical equipment

Healthcare & Medical Equipment Manufacturer In China

Healthcare & Medical Equipment Manufacturer in China

CEL Group provides quality controlled sub-contract manufacturing for the healthcare and medical equipment industries.

We manufacture product components, as well as providing sub-assembly and full assembly services. This includes electro-mechanical assembly for healthcare industry OEMs and medical equipment OEMs.

Manufacturing takes place in our managed factories in China, or via audited long-term partners.

From the very start our engineers will be on-hand to help you identify material and design efficiencies to optimise your low-cost manufacturing potential. We recognise quality is paramount and safety critical. All your products are manufactured to approved design specifications and agreed quality standards, with testing regimes in place where necessary.

So, whether you are manufacturing healthcare products for the home, or medical equipment for hospitals, or supported living establishments, choose to benefit from CEL Group’s unrivalled offshore advantage.

CEL Group’s industry expertise and experience gives you reliable cost-effective manufacturing, designed for your safety-critical business.