1st Nov '23

The Secrets of Successful Subcontract Manufacturing

Ever started something without the full picture of what you’re trying to achieve?

CEL Group helps customers ‘bottom out’ the details at the start, which both accelerates and optimises the outsourcing process, as well as minimising the risk of supply issues.

Proven manufacturing capability and partnership

Think about when you last asked a subcontract manufacturer, like CEL Group, for a quote. The initial enquiry probably focused on price. Maybe communicated by email with a reluctance to have a conversation with the potential supplier?

Cost-competitive manufacturing is essential. But it’s important to consider and understand the value proposition when it comes to achieving all your goals.

For example, what other services would benefit your business that the supply chain partner offers, that others don’t. Such as full PFMEA (Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis), cost-competitive manufacturing in China with UK contractual control, comprehensive logistics, commitment to sustainability objectives, UK stockholding and 20 years of delivering outstanding results to leading OEMs and challenger brands.

Manufacturing competitive advantage

In fact, in a recent poll* manufacturers told us that they valued proven capability and a strong partnership as the highest priorities rather than simply low-cost manufacturing.

So, despite that initial unit price focus in the buying process it turns out successful subcontract manufacturing goes far beyond this. It’s more about the total value of the relationship to your business.

And in our experience, and that of any good project manager, that is achieved by good preparation, planning and communication.

In over 20 years of subcontract manufacturing the evidence has shown that optimising competitive advantage (getting the value you need to grow) from outsourcing product supply happens when all parties involved in the supply chain both understand what the end goal is and work together to achieve it.

Planning to succeed

As responsible UK and global manufacturers CEL Group is committed to delivering quality products which comply to industry standards and achieve its customers sustainability objectives, as well as other business goals.

So, whether you’re looking to subcontract the manufacturing of one component, a sub-assembly or a complete box build its part of a more complex engineering and business story.

For more manufacturing competitive advantage get in touch.