Welcoming Supply Partners in China to our UK HQ

We help UK OEMs compete. We offer more than just competitive pricing.

UK OEMs need manufacturing partners which deliver on quality, on-time and delivery responsibly.

China is open for travel and it was great to welcome Katrina, a long-term trusted partner to see our new assembly and warehouse facility and talk about engineering excellence for continuous improvement.

Find out why our clients and our partners choose to work with CEL Group…

Want a competitive sub-contract manufacturing partner?

Looking for a sub-contract manufacturing partner to help you compete and grow?

CEL Group’s supply chain services are proven to boost UK OEM performance. We help brands get ahead of their competition with cost-competitive capability and capacity. And, we give FREE outsourcing advice too.

So, talking to us about your ‘what’s next’ is always worthwhile.

The Essentials For Successful Manufacturing In China

Manufacturing in China is a go-to solution for OEMs who are looking to improve profit margins through sub-contract manufacturing. But how do you ensure the right quality products arrive when you need them? Go direct? Ask an agent? Or manage risks through a supply chain partner? Our top three essential considerations will help you work out what’s best for your business.