CEL Group new for 2023

4th Jan '23

Want a competitive sub-contract manufacturing partner?

Looking for a sub-contract manufacturing partner to help you compete and grow in 2023?

CEL Group’s services boost UK OEM performance and help many brands get ahead of their competition. We provide cost-competitive capability and capacity when you need it. And, we offer FREE advice too. So, talking to us about ‘what’s next’ is always worthwhile.

Even if you’re a little nervous about sub-contract manufacturing or you’ve had a bad experience in the past. We understand that. It’s why we have directly controlled manufacturing facilities in China and long term quality audited manufacturing partners. Plus, we now have assembly capability here in the UK too. And lots of case studies to show you the kind of results you could achieve.

We’ve been successfully supporting leading UK OEMs and challenger brands for 20 years – delivering sub-contract manufacturing improvements which have helped them compete and grow.

Many of our customers are brands that you’ll instantly associate with quality. We supply many products into the NHS and the Healthcare Sector as well as multiple other sectors. Plus, our customers stay with us and grow with us, which speaks volumes for the products and services we deliver. We care about our long term partnerships and seek to continuously improve to meet our customers’ growing needs.

We manufacture to your designs and deliver to your production schedules. So, whether you need some FREE OUTSOURCING ADVICE, quality turned parts, cost-competitive sub-assembly or full product assembly or anything in between we have the sub-contract manufacturing capability, capacity and logistics all ready for you.

We are looking forward to getting to know your business and helping you do things differently in 2023.

For a Happier New Year talk to Phillippa or Simon today!  +44 (0)1952 58 60 60