CEL Group’s 2023 best bits …

Discover unmatched subcontract manufacturing in the UK and China with CEL Group’s best bits from 2023. Find out how you can achieve more competitive advantage in 2024.

Improve Your Manufacturing Performance

Looking for an exceptional sub-contract manufacturing experience? Hear from CEL Group’s OEM customers. Manufacturing quality, supply chain assurance and a team that goes above and beyond, are just a few of the highlights of working with us. Find out what leading UK OEMs say about CEL Group…

CEL Group takes delivery for new subcontract manufacturing contract

Looking for an easier journey from the first supply chain enquiry to the successful delivery of quality products? This is no ordinary container. Inside it contains the first delivery of a major sub-contract manufacturing deal with a major customer, supplying into the healthcare industry. Get the back story…

Coronavirus UK Update

In our latest coronavirus UK update, we are delighted to confirm that our factories in China are in the process of returning to work. We are grateful we can share good news, but with coronavirus concerns being reported so frequently, how do we keep the wheels of industry turning?

Coronavirus In China

With the new strain of the coronavirus and its impact on China hitting the headlines, we want to allay fears customers and prospects may have about the current impact on supply from CEL Group.