5th May '23

CEL Group takes delivery for new subcontract manufacturing contract

The first delivery of this new subcontract manufacturing contract, for a major new client, has helped kick of our ‘coronation’ celebrations.

This is no ordinary delivery. The picture is just a moment in time. It captures hours of planning, collaboration, investment, tooling, samples, testing, approvals and quality-controlled manufacturing in that moment.

And now it’s all about the day-to-day first-class stockholding, on-time scheduled deliveries and ongoing process improvement.

This is how CEL Group delivers the best experience of manufacturing in China.

Manufacturing UK OEM designs

We manufacture to UK OEM designs.

Arriving at CEL Group’s Telford HQ, in this container, are manufactured assemblies destined for the healthcare industry, including the NHS. Products made and inspected by our colleagues in CEL Ningbo, being unwrapped for the first time in the UK.

We’re so excited and our customer is delighted. It’s the fruition of the initial stage of a supply chain journey, which due to all the hard work of everyone involved has gone to plan beautifully.

What a team!

Shhh… we work with many leading UK OEMs

Naturally, we have Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) in place for most of the work we do. Confidentiality with leading UK manufacturers is paramount. So, we can’t shout too loudly about who we work with, what we manufacture and the positive difference it makes to competitive growth.

But how do we convince other potential customers that working with CEL Group as a supply chain partner is the way to go?

Celebrating and sharing stories like this, albeit a little vague is a start. Get in touch for the inside story.

The Sub-Contract Manufacturing Journey

The sub-contract manufacturing journey from the first enquiry to product delivery is different for everyone. However, every enquiry is met with responsiveness.

China Enterprise UK Limited has the experience of manufacturing in China (20 years plus). And the engineering expertise, with engineers in the UK and China, driven to understand your products, quality requirements and industry standards, as well as your business vision.

We’ll explore with you where we can add value, which often goes beyond what you were expecting from a sub-contract manufacturer. It’s not just about low cost manufacturing. We can show you cost-competitive supply chain solutions which give you more agility, capacity and competitive growth.

In short, CEL Group will help you avoid the pitfalls and optimise the benefits of manufacturing in China.

LinkedIn to Investment in Plant and Logistics

This supply chain contract journey started with an approach on LinkedIn, as a result of being impressed by the content on our CEL Group page.

This is a complex sub-contract manufacturing contract.

It involves multiple different quality-assured parts and assemblies, compliant with BS13485 healthcare standards, destined for final assembly here in the UK. It also involves significant volumes, ability to scale-up quickly when required, UK stockholding and regular deliveries direct to our customer’s UK final assembly line.

Success depending on lots of engineering and logistics work to be done up front. As well as investment in new plant in our Ningbo facility in China, and in our new UK 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

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Manufacturing Supply Chain Partners

As the quotation and outsourcing engineering progressed it soon became clear that both parties understood the value of working together in partnership.

As supply chain partners we were a great match from the start.

Helping UK Manufacturers Compete and Grow

This exciting new sub-contract manufacturing contract is another step in helping UK manufacturers compete and grow.  

Our customers become long-standing partners because they value to the experience of working with an award-winning sub-contract manufacturer that cares about their products as much as they do.

We aim to be an extension to your team. So, the process of outsourcing feels seamless. It’s the quickest and most effective way to find good solutions and overcome any hurdles.

Talk to us to improve your supply chain experience.