CEL in Shenzhen

30th Mar '23

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Welcome to China Enterprise’s trip to China. – follow CEL Group in China. Discover new insights about cost-competitive manufacturing which will give you more competitive advantages than other supply chain partners.

Join us as we visit our manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Ningbo for the first time in a little while!

The silver-lining of the pandemic was that we had more contact than ever before with our factories in China. Benefitting from virtual technology has changed the way we can support our colleagues and supply chain partners in China.

It has strengthened our ability to help customers optimise product designs for sub-contract manufacturing success. We’re here to help you deliver quality engineered products to the UK market and beyond.

Welcome to Shenzhen, China

The ‘Welcome to Shenzhen’ sign was a very welcome sight to our CEL UK team after a long journey.

Travelling from our UK base in the Midlands to Manchester and then onwards to China, via Hong Kong.

Although, with the Shenzhen time zone being 7-hours ahead, we were quickly collected by King Yin, Director of Operations and Engineering, CEL Shenzhen, and we were all straight into the working day.

Strong coffee was the first call.

Sub-contract manufacturing in China

We’d love you to get in touch to discover the difference our sub-contract manufacturing services in China can make to your business.

We offer flexible and unique supply chain services – including cash-flow beneficial UK stockholding. And its all backed by over 20 years experience and long standing supply chain partnerships. We know what we’re doing ask our customers. UK OEMs praise CEL Group.

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So, if you want to know more about working with an experienced manufacturers in China, why not follow China Enterprise Ltd (CEL) on our spring time China trip.

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