17th Apr '23

Manufacturing Capability in Shenzhen

Our manufacturing capability in Shenzhen is built on mutually beneficial partnerships, with our colleagues, our customers and our long-term supply chain partners. Just a few pictures from our recent visit to CEL Shenzhen, helps tell our story.

CEL Group’s manufacturing capability is built on engineering understanding, sub-contract manufacturing experience (now more than 20 years!) and great team work.

With engineers in the UK and China we’ve maintained close collaboration virtually. However now the borders are open for business travel we can be together again in China.

At CEL Shenzhen we’ve been looking at optimisation solutions for new sub-contract manufacturing for OEM requirements, as well as audit existing outsourced projects.

Maintaining quality, responsible sourcing and more sustainable and efficient packaging approaches were all on the agenda,

But so was the pleasure of being together and meeting new colleagues as well as family too.

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PS We also take customers to visit CEL Group facilities in China, if required. There are many ways to get there, but if you ever wondered how long it takes you can travel with Ryan.