24th Mar '23

All the Benefits of Manufacturing in China

Want all the benefits of manufacturing in China, without any of the complications, then you’re in the right place. It’s time to talk to CEL Group and take advantage of over 20 years experience optimising for outsourced manufacture.

When we asked our leading UK OEM customers why they liked working with us we were a little overwhelmed by the responses. We were showered with UK OEM love. Imagine that…

Cost-competitive manufacturing in China

So, here’s the first of the many testimonials we received praising CEL Group and our supply chain services which make it easier to access quality manufacturing in China. A sub-contract manufacturing approach which gives you lower cost manufacturing benefits and reliable product supply from China with UK assembly too.

Cost-competitive manufacturing which delivers the quality you need and to the standards you require.

Supply chain partnership with CEL Group

This straight-talking testimonial is a strong recommendation to choose a supply chain partnership with CEL Group. We’ve been working with this customer for over 10 years. And, although the buyers have changed during this time, they have remained convinced of the benefits of manufacturing in China with us.

Sub-contract manufacturing and supply chain solutions

CEL Group has flexible sub-contract manufacturing and supply chain solutions to fit around your manufacturing process and your business goals. We work in multiple industry sectors meeting required quality standards. Plus, we have colleagues working to deliver engineering excellence, both on the ground in China and in the UK.

Flexible product delivery and responsive customer service

Ready to cut costs, improve quality and be reassured with more than on-time delivery. We really do have your back. Our delivery packages are built around you – whether you’re looking to take over at the China port or take advantage of full logistic support. We can deliver to your UK warehouse, your production line or your distribution network. Also, we offer superb cash-flow benefits by storing your stock until you need it.

Improve your sub-contract manufacturing experience in China

Talk to us to improve your sub-contact manufacturing experience in China.

CEL Group’s mission is to help UK manufacturers compete and grow. We’re looking forward to helping you!

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