5th Mar '24

CEL Group is ISO14001 Certified

“Oh yes, CEL Group is ISO14001 certified,” confirms CEL Group Engineering and Quality Director, Ryan Clark.

He continues, “ISO14001:2015 approval is testament to CEL Group’s commitment to reducing our carbon foot print and supporting our customers in achieving their sustainability goals.”

“Our role as a subcontract manufacturer now encompasses helping Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) change and grow sustainably, in addition to competitively. An environmentally responsible manufacturing approach is key to doing that.”

Environmental Management System

Ryan explains “Getting the bsi ISO14001 certification of CEL Group’s Environmental Management System (EMS) gives our customers vital reassurance that we understand the important of delivering manufacturing competitive advantage sustainably as well.

“Working on our EMS has focused us on beneficial changes – which have gone beyond the environment. It has already helped us reduce waste, increased recycling and reminded us to conserve resources, everywhere we can. Plus, it has raised awareness across the team. We all recognise that we have a responsibility to do things differently, to take care of our precious planet – not just at work, but a home too.”

CEL Group’s Sustainability Journey

Simon Cartwright, CEL Group’s Managing Director and Acting Sales Director, concludes “Even though CEL Group has ISO14001 approval we won’t be resting on our laurels. It’s a sustainability milestone.”

“Manufacturers recognise that there is no easy answer to sustainable manufacturing – but collaboration is beginning to change things and it will be successful if we take responsibility across the supply chain. I’m confident that together with customers and suppliers we will find good solutions. We’ve done so before and we’ll do it again. Sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement!”

“And continuous improvement is a way of life for successful manufacturers.”

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