8th Mar '24

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Grace!

CEL Group celebrated International Women’s Day by putting just one of our fabulous women in the spotlight.

Grace Evans joined the CEL Group team in October 2023 as our first Business Administration apprentice. She’s such a superstar, that her story has attracted lots of local press interest and has been reshared in the Shropshire Star and by Telford and Wrekin Council. An inspiration to other young people looking to develop their talents through apprenticeship schemes. We appreciate all the positivity she brings to the CEL Group team.,

In Grace’s words…

Why an apprenticeship?

Ever since I learnt what an apprenticeship was, I knew it was the path for me because I would be learning while also getting real life experience, which is invaluable.

Personally, I learn better when I am working hands on – doing tasks and activities that support what I am learning, rather than only being in a classroom environment.

What appealed about CEL Group?

“The positive atmosphere and the office.

“When I came for my interview, I saw the modern building and the team of people working within. The business administration side is all in one open-plan office, not in separate rooms, communicating through email. You could see the teamwork and effort everyone was putting in because they value each other and company they work for.”

What does your job involve?

“As a business administrator apprentice, I work in all the departments, doing various activities throughout my day. From invoicing for accounts, to posting on social media for marketing. One of my favourite tasks is working with sales on manufacturing enquiries, quotations and sample approvals. I get to work with our teams in China too. It is fascinating to see how everyone works so closely, despite being on separate continents.”

Have you learnt anything new about yourself?

“Since I joined CEL Group I have learnt that I am interested in working across all departments of a business rather than just one. When I first joined, I thought I wanted to go into accounts at the end of my apprenticeship, but now that I have worked across the whole business, I realise I enjoy seeing how the business works.

“It’s great being involved in every aspect.”

Do you find subcontract manufacturing interesting?

“When I first joined CEL Group I didn’t really know what subcontract manufacturing was or even what the word ‘subcontract’ meant.  My apprenticeship has given me the chance to learn about how the world outside the UK operates.

“It’s fascinating to think about the number of products we use in our everyday lives that depend on a subcontract manufacturing business like CEL Group. We make all sorts of things for big brand names – from lighting to hospital beds, as well parts for bikes, pubs, greenhouses and so much more.

“Now I understand what subcontract manufacturing means and the importance of the expertise within a well-managed supply chain, not just for UK manufacturers, but for all of us.”

Can you see a career path at CEL Group?

“Absolutely. CEL Group is a growing company. They’ve made it clear to me that I can grow with the business.

“The people who work at CEL Group are kind, and caring. In fact, they have helped make my worries about not following the herd and going to college, like most people my age do, disappear.  I feel really lucky to have been offered an apprenticeship at CEL Group. It allows me to see how the working world works, while still being in education. I am not only getting a qualification at the end of my apprenticeship, but also a job that I am familiar with, a job I enjoy and one with a great career path.”

What’s the best bit?

“I think the best part about being an apprentice at CEL Group is how much they care about and support their employees. As an apprentice you need lots of support and patience to make the transition into working in a real-life adult environment. CEL Group offers that support. I love that I can work in all departments of a company while I am young and debating what career path I want to pursue.

“The perk of a breakfast sandwich on a Friday and finishing at 1:00pm at the end of the week is pretty nice as well.”


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