All the Benefits of Manufacturing in China

Want the benefits of manufacturing in China but tired of all the difficulties? This testimonial praising CEL Group as a supply chain partner in China is just one of many. Find out why UK OEMs are choose to outsource their sub-contract manufacturing to CEL Group and don’t miss the competitive advantages…

Results Sub-contract Manufacturing for HVAC OEM

Are you looking for superb results sub-contract manufacturing HVAC products? We do more than manufacture to UK OEM designs. We solve our customers challenges. Cut manufacturing costs, maintain quality standards and free-up resources. Find out how it can work for you….

Tooling For Successful Sub-Contract Manufacturing

Getting the tooling right for the quantities and quality of products you are looking for is clearly a priority. When choosing to sub-contract manufacture in China, errors in communication and understanding can create tooling problems.

Here, Ryan Clark, our UK Head of Engineering, explains how to minimise risk and optimise production efficiency at every stage of the tooling process.