King Yin

Celebrating Chinese New Year with King Yin!

诚挚祝愿我们的合作伙伴们, 同事们, 朋友们在兔年- 兔(突)飞猛进, 前兔(途)似锦, 扬眉兔(吐)气, 大展宏兔(图)

Thinking about celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) and welcoming in the Year of the Rabbit?

Christmas in the UK may be over but, for our team and partners in China, it’s time to relax with their family and friends.

It’s time to celebrate CNY and welcome in the Year of the Rabbit. King Yin, CEL Shenzhen’s Director of Operations and Engineering, tells us what the Rabbit 兔. means to him.