Tooling For Successful Sub-Contract Manufacturing

Getting the tooling right for the quantities and quality of products you are looking for is clearly a priority. When choosing to sub-contract manufacture in China, errors in communication and understanding can create tooling problems.

Here, Ryan Clark, our UK Head of Engineering, explains how to minimise risk and optimise production efficiency at every stage of the tooling process.

Supporting The NHS Supply Chain

As a key supply chain partner to healthcare and medical equipment OEMs, tier 2/3 suppliers play a vital role in ensuring the NHS has what it needs to fight Covid-19. Simon Cartwright, CEL Group Sales Director, talks about managing increased supply of sheet metal and metal fabricated products like bins, screens, drip stands, trolleys and beds etc.

Covid-19 Fear Of The Unknown

Covid-19 is more than a global pandemic – many of us are gripped by fear of the unknown. Read King Yin’s real life experience in China; a reassuring insight into the challenges we face, particularly the fear. As life in China gets back to normal, hear about his family’s experience of ‘lockdown’ and some upsides too.