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12th Dec '19

Packaging ‘Must-Haves’ For Manufacturing In China

As we are all either wrapping presents or worrying about wrapping presents, it’s the ideal time to consider packaging ‘must-haves’ for UK OEMs manufacturing in China.  When you are packing goods, just like wrapping Christmas presents, you are likely to have three things uppermost in your mind. Are you making the right impression, protecting the contents in the right way, and being sustainable?

Making the right impression

“Your packaging certainly says a lot about you,” explains Phillippa Coleman, our Commercial Manager. “Personally, I find wrapping quite challenging. My Christmas presents start out being placed in beautifully crafted, recyclable paper. But, end up looking crumpled, with tape peeling off and labels missing. Not great and certainly not creating the right impression on Christmas day. However, while family and friends are forgiving, customers are less likely to accept poor packaging. So, how do you make sure your product packaging has all the bases covered?”

CEL Group’s packaging expertise is one of the reasons why our complete box-build manufacturing solutions are so popular. This is because they offer UK manufacturers a cost-effective way of assembling products in China, with the benefit of being able to send them directly to distribution. Our facilities in China provide tailored packaging solutions, including full colour printing processes.

So, you can be sure your products will arrive in the UK, packed to your standards, and with all your instructions and labelling, as per your approved specifications.

Protecting your product in transit

We are committed to ensuring customers receive products in the condition they left our factory.

Our packaging approach is integral to our quality-controlled production processes. From the outset of the project, we work with you to understand all your packaging needs. Once products have been checked, or tested, they are carefully packaged to your approved specification. Plus, we photograph your packaged products before shipping, checking your goods when they arrive in the UK.

“We take care that all products are protected by the right packaging,” stresses Bishu Wang, our Managing Director at CEL Ningbo. “We work with customers to make sure we design product packaging which can cope with all the typical stresses such as shipping, warehouse handling and storage.

“If packaging ever fails, we will quickly know why and make sure it is fixed.”

Sustaining continuous improvement

Phillippa concludes, “Although we are guided by the packaging specification, we care about sustainability. So, if there are more environmentally-friendly options, we will bring these to the customer’s attention, aiming to reduce the amount of packaging material used and preferring recyclable options.

 “Our commitment to ‘Unrivalled Offshore Advantage’ drives continuous improvement in everything we do! That’s why our product packaging delivers on all three counts – impressive, protective and as sustainable as possible. Unlike my Christmas presents which may need a little help from the experts – hotline to Santa’s Elves anyone?”

Get in touch today and let us wrap-up your packaging concerns.

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