28th Feb '23

Back to Our Manufacturing Facilities in China

We’re so excited to be going back to our manufacturing facilities in China. It’s been too long, but today Simon and Ryan received shiny new visas to head off in the next few weeks.

They’ll be the first of our UK team to be heading to our manufacturing facilities in China. And we’re looking forward to seeing our lovely teams in Ningbo and Shenzhen face-to-face again.

Yes, MS Teams, Zoom and Google hangouts have worked brilliantly for us in lockdown and the post lockdown world, but seeing the factories and working directly with our brilliant engineers in China can make a positive difference. We know because we are experienced sub-contract manufacturers in China.

We love sharing ideas, optimising sub-contract manufacturing results and improving our services. We have always worked closely together and even though we’re spread over two continents we are one team.

CEL UK, CEL Ningbo and CEL Shenzhen enable the CEL Group to manufacture competitive advantage for UK OEMS.

Interested in changing how you do things for the better?

Don’t miss the chance to get in touch with our sales team before the guys head out and we can make direct enquiries for you.