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19th Dec '22

Happier New Year Resolutions Start With CEL Group

Even though you’re wrapping up for Christmas, you’re sure to be thinking about 2023. Continued geopolitical tensions, as well as the UK cost of living crisis, are impacting OEMs throughout the UK. From the conversations we’ve had with our customers everyone is looking for ways to keep ‘upping’ their game. Our good tidings is that happier New Year Resolutions can start with CEL Group.

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Would you like to benefit from our 20 years’ sub-contract manufacturing and supply chain experience? We’ve been delivering proven success to most industries, including healthcare, ever since we opened our doors.

it’s not just about low cost manufacturing. It’s about getting the quality right and minimising your outsourcing risks.

Whether you’re looking for a fully managed sub-contract manufacturing solution in China and the UK, outsourcing consultancy support, turned parts, full product assembly or anything in between. We can help you compete!

We can help you find the extra capacity you need, just when you need it because CEL Group is growing. And, we’d love you to grow with us.

Find out how our supply chain solutions could help your business in 2023.

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