13th Jun '24

CEL Group Dart Head First for the Severn Hospice

Welcome to the CEL Group 7am to 7pm darts challenge raising much needed funds for Severn Hospice.

Can we put our love for darts towards helping support this incredible charity?… We are willing to give it a go!

12 Hours Non-Stop

The 7-to-7 darts challenge brings together our love of darts, with raising money for a charity close to our hearts. The whole team is going to play darts for 12 hours, NON-STOP on 2nd August. We are going to be sharpening our skills and emptying our pockets leading up to the day and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only will this challenge help with an amazing cause it will also bring us all together as a team.

We work together. We play together. And we’re here for each other when life gets a little bumpy. Which got us thinking about the support we all need when life gets really tough.

Severn Hospice

Charities, like the Severn Hospice, do a great deal for our community. They are there at the hardest times of peoples life and we couldn’t be more grateful. In 2023 they supported 3,000 local families, helping and supporting them when they need it the most.

There is no time limit to their care and they will provide support as long as anyone needs it. They do this for them for free, but it is not without cost. They can’t do this without the help of the public. Its people like you that can make a difference. For every £1 you donate, the hospice will spend 87p directly on care – and use the remaining 13p to make another £1. That’s why CEL Group are taking action and helping raise funds for this incredible charity.

Make a Donation Here

Please help CEL Group hit the bullseye by making a small donation to our fundraiser…