'Best Value' Approach Welcomed At Southern Manufacturing

14th Feb '19

‘Best Value’ Approach Welcomed At Southern Manufacturing

‘Make quality assurance a priority’ – This was our top take-out from manufacturers and OEM’s at Southern Manufacturing, 2019. UK businesses confirmed they continue to benefit from sub-contract manufacturing in China, when backed by quality management and supply assurance.

Unit price is not alone

Although unit price often drives purchasing discussions, successful manufacturing in China requires robust quality management systems, as well as experienced logistics and access to skilled engineering support.

Best value low cost manufacturing

Offshoring component and part-assembly manufacture has matured, so the CEL Group offers a ‘best value’ approach to low cost manufacturing. We give manufacturers outsourced engineering solutions which work for their specific business. This successful formula brings together business value, exceptional engineering and assured supply chain management.

Risk managed

Both OEM’s and component suppliers told us they value offshore manufacture in China, within their supply chain, but they need to access the benefits without the risks. This is where partnership with the CEL Group makes a positive difference. We have a proven approach to outsource manufacturing where quality management, responsive service support and supply assurance are all built-in.

Southern Manufacturing may be over, but the conversation goes on. To see how CEL’s unique formula for successful manufacturing in China can boost your brand performance, contact Simon Cartwright on +44 (0) 1952 586 060.