Picture taken of CEL Group's assembly line in the UK. A young engineering apprentice looks towards the camera

5th Sep '23

Outsourced Assembly Services from the UK

Are you looking for outsourced assembly services here in the UK? CEL Group makes outsourcing assembly easy and cost-effective.

Did you know that in addition to making engineered components and sub-assemblies, CEL offers a range of quality assembly services in the UK, as well as in our manufacturing facilities in China?

Over 50% of our products are destined for the healthcare market. This is just one indication of the manufacturing standards we’re trusted to deliver on time and to quality requirements.

Check out our industry sectors and the subcontract manufacturing results we’re delivering.

The benefits of outsourcing assembly

There are lots of benefits to outsourcing assembly:

Free-up inhouse resources

You can free-up your inhouse resources for other activities. Why have all your local expertise tied-up assembling products, when you can trust CEL Group to deliver the quality you need?

Free-up time

Assembling products inhouse, not only takes time, but it can also take your management and engineering focus away from driving new initiatives – important projects which can deliver competitive edge.

Access more space

If you outsource your assembly services, how can you use the space to grow your business? And, although it’s a great problem to have when you’re products are in demand, finding new space to increase assembly capacity isn’t always easy – not without the cost and inconvenience of extending your facility or moving.

Access more capability and capacity

CEL Group can connect you to the capability and capacity you need to outsource your assembly services and grow competitively.

You can take advantage of complete box-builds from CEL Group too. Store your products in our purpose built 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse and send them direct to your customer. You’ll be confident that the quality and schedules will be maintained and you don’t need to manufacture, assemble or deliver your products.

Be more sustainable

Utilising our assembly services will also cut down on the miles your product may need to travel before it reaches your customer. Quality products, cost-competitively manufactured can now be assembled in our UK HQ, conveniently located in Telford, Shropshire.

Are you sweating the small stuff when you don’t have to?

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